Our Pinellas Park Insta-Quick Oil Change location  has been proudly serving The Bay Area for over 30 years. In fact we have third and even word of fourth generation customers who trust us every day with their vehicles maintenance. We are known as “The Best Deal In Town!”, something we are extremely proud of. 

Because of that success and longstanding trust we have opened a second location in Clearwater. With two locations we are now better able to serve our customers while providing the same great service you have come to expect.

We credit our success to offering fast and friendly service as well as our longevity within the community. Also in the oil change business it is always good to mind your “P's”

Prior – Planning – Prevents – Poor – Performance!

Our signature 10 minute oil change is friendly and Insta-Quick!

We value your time and money. We thank you for trusting us with yours and your family’s vehicles.

What you can expect from Insta-Quick

  • We will replace your oil with your choice of conventional, semi-synthetic, or full synthetic grade oil
  • We will replace your oil filter
  • We will check fluid levels including windshield wiper fluid and top them off if needed.
  • We will visually check your vehicle’s belts and hoses
  • We will check your vehicle’s air filter

What not to expect

  • We will not pressure you to buy any service or part
  • We will not waste time – our oil change service is Insta-Quick!
  • We will not offer discounts absorbed by hidden fees